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Jarvis House

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Value £
Location Atlantic St, Altrincham
Date Started June 2014
Date Completed August 2014
Works Involved

Asbestos Removal, Strip Out, Demolition, Grubbing up of Slabs & Foundations, Crushing and Reduce Level Dig

The owner of this building was unsure of what to do with the derelict building, after much debate and discussion they decided it wasn't feasible to leave the building standing. as we have completed a number of of projects for this client they approached us and asked for help with dealing with notices to the council and also disconnection of power, water and gas. we arranged the disconnection and dealt with relevant notices from the council and commenced the demolition works, as the front of the building was next to a main road we applied and was granted a footpath closure this enabled us to carefully demolish the building in a safe manner protecting the public from any harm. once demolition works were complete we commenced grubbing up the slabs and foundations and crushing on site then reduced the site levels carting all materials off site. 

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